Important Tips to Sale Home Fast

We all know staging can work really well for a fast home sale but can we do staging on our own? Let’s serve you with 10 tips and tricks on how to work you home if you want to sell it for a good price.

The main concept of staging

A staged room has to look warm, effortless, elegant just like a shop’s window where everything is for the eyes, not for the hands. Well staged rooms look as if someone lived in them, yet everything is squeaky clean, beautifully arranged, therefore all in all it’s the polar opposite how we really are in real life, as it moreso reflects how secretly we all want to be. It’s like a magazine, a showroom that’s untouched yet still gives the impression of being lived in.


DIY tips to do staging yourself



First of all collect all things which you don’t need  and get rid of them either by giving them away, giving them to charity shops, sell them online or do a garage sale or simply throw them out. The best way to declutter is to first collect all the things which you definitely, really need and leave all the rest behind. A well decluttered home is a home with tons of available space.

1. Move out furniture

Only leave some key pieces behind, pieces which are in a good enough state to be shown during the staging. A well staged room is a room with few key pieces of furniture arranged in such way to give the impression of a well furnished room.

2. Start cleaning

Clean everything from top to bottom. Paint the rooms white or give them a trendy beige, light brown or grey. Cleaned rooms look at least 5 times nicer than a regular room. Pay special attention to cleaning windows.

3. Move out from the house

The best staged home is a home which is almost or fully packed out already. This will also help you getting fresh ideas for new furniture arrangements, will help with cleaning and will help also to mentally and emotionally digest and accept the idea of selling your home.

4. Work with cheap, colorful accessories

Some cheaper but trendy and fine looking accessories, preferably those you can also use later can really help to make a room look classy and more furnished than it is as it will affect Fast House Sale. Smaller carpets, vases, hip fruit bowls with fresh fruits (finely looking fake fruits may also do) can really work in your favor.

5. Get rid of all floor carpets

Some houses and Fast Sale Homes where there are full-floor carpets in real hide a nice looking wooden floor. Accentuate the beauty of this floor with deep cleaning and polish. If the base floor is not good laminated parquet can do wonders for a home to look fantastic.

6. Enlighten the rooms

Use lights, mirrors to make places look larger and lighter. This will have a dramatic effect to make any space look more attractive.