Keys to sell a home fast

While we are all different and all want our home to fit the picture of an ideal home, there is a surprisingly high number of those so-called „pull-in” factors which are the same for almost every people. And the more you can deliver out of these pulling factors the more likely it is to Fast House Sale. Let’s take a look at all these factors


A home that’s not well cleaned has a definite feel and smell to it. Real, deep cleansing does wonders with any living space and can represent them in a brand new light. A good, thorough decluttering is an important prerequisite for a home being and looking clean and neat. One of the most key reasons for this is the extensive amount of dust and dirt that comes with clutter, that largely consists of all those things, let them be clothes, untouched collectibles, a huge number of books, long forgotten today and a lot more.

An expensive-looking wooden or laminated floor

These days, people love light coloured walls and a fantastic looking wooden laminated floor that further accentuates the color of the walls and the furniture. Just check out all the current home-related magazines and websites, to find inspiration in the colours. You can also give your home the exact same effect with a fresh coat of paint, laminated floors which look fantastic and some key pieces of furniture which create a fantastic looking home. Check out furniture rentals who rent furniture for staging for a daily rate. 

Storage space

Storage space is a fantastic pulling factor especially for families with children. And the good thing in decluttering is that you will finally be able to show lots of storage space that’s been freed up.

New or greatly modernized, repainted kitchen

A new kitchen with a nice large countertop is one of the nr.1 pulling factors for most customers. Make as much counter space free as possible. If you have some budget invest it in creating a new, trendy and all equipped looking kitchen that’s spacious yet practical.

A bathroom as clean and new as possible

Squeaky clean bathrooms are among the top pulling factors as well, therefore make sure they are as clean as possible and get the taps changed to give a further impression of novelty.

Fireplace in the living room/dining room area

If you have a fireplace that’s a definite good point towards a fast home sale. While nowadays, there’s plenty of electronic fireplaces available, most people look for the real thing. Make the fireplace the real focal point of the room it’s in and it will be a great help in Fast Sale Homes.


Most people nowadays do love to have their kitchen, dining areas, and living room opened together as much as possible. Check out how much chance there is in your home to make it open concept and then offer it accordingly. If the structuring allows it by opening up one or more of these spaces you will also drastically raise the value of your home.